Hex Wine Tumblers by Huta

Hex Wine Tumblers by Huta


HEX wine glasses are inspired by the simple forms of 50s and 60s architecture. These visually striking glasses are shaped to allow maximum oxidation of red wine through their generous proportions but will work equally well for soft drinks or spirits. As each item is handblown, tiny variations can occur between products. We see this as part of their charm.

4 items in box.

Made by skilled craftsmen in the South-East of Poland, a region renowned for beautiful glassware.

Made from thin soda-lime glass.

While our products can be put in a dishwasher, they will retain their shine and last longer if washed by hand in warm, soapy water using non abrasive sponge.

H8cm x W9cm x D9cm

Box of four H8.5cm x W18cm x D18cm, approx 540g

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